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Address:Zaoling village, nanlou economic development zone, yingkou city, liaoning province

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Yingkou Jiufeng magnesium products material Co., Ltd is located in Zaoling Village, South Building Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 12000m. The company has three manufacturing plants (chemical plant, magnesia carbon brick factory, bulk material processing plant). The company employs 110 people, 7 people of all kinds of professional and technical personnel. There are one chemical gas furnace, one sodium silicate stereoscopic furnace, one 630t, 800t, 300t, one brick press, two high-speed sand mixers, five tunnel drying kilns, one crushing system equipment and one 5R Ramon machine. Complete testing and testing equipment for the product quality to provide a reliable guarantee. Through the national ISO9002- 2000 quality system certification, has obtained the export management right. The company produces all kinds of building materials, refractory 30,000 tons per year. Which is used in steelmaking converter, electric furnace, ladle magnesia carbon brick, aluminum magnesia carbon brick, 15000 tons per year. Non-ferrous and cement industry used 10 thousand tons of magnesia brick per year, 5000 tons of alkali foam per year, spraying materials, furnace bottom materials, castables annual production of 6000 tons.

According to the different needs of users, we can process all kinds of refractory products, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our company is an enterprise that produces light burning powder. The products we produce are mainly made of cementing materials, such as magnesium cement Insulation and sound insulation building materials, can also be used as ceramic raw materials. After chemical treatment of light burned magnesium, it can be made into a variety of magnesium salts, which can be used as raw materials in medicine, rubber, man-made fiber, paper making and so on. Refired magnesium, most of which is used as refractory for metallurgy, is used to manufacture magnesia brick, chromium magnesium brick, magnesia sand, metallurgical powder and fused magnesium oxide, mainly used for smelting special alloy steel, nonferrous metals and precious metals for middle and high frequency induction furnace lining Magnesium crucible. It can also be used as high temperature electrical insulation material, the source of light burning powder is calcined magnesite.

The enterprise management science, the production craft is advanced, the machinery equipment is excellent, the examination means is complete, has the abundant technical force and the production capacity, the worker operation technology is skilled, the product has passed the ISO9000 international quality system authentication. Products are sold all over the country, and by the majority of customers.

Enterprises adhere to the "customer to." On, forge ahead "business philosophy, adhere to the" customer first "principle for the majority of customers to provide quality and cheap products and sincere services." Welcome!