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Gas phase method: High purity magnesium oxide powder was prepared by reacting high purity magnesium with oxygen to form crystal nucleus, and then the particles continued to grow. The crude raw materials containing more than 80% (weight) of magnesium oxide are dissolved in inorganic acids (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid) at a molar ratio of 1:2 to form magnesium salts of inorganic acids. High purity magnesium oxide was prepared by purifying and removing impurities, pressurizing and heating in oxygen atmosphere, then washing, dehydrating and drying, and heating at 1100 C for 1 h.

Mg (OH) 2 was precipitated from purified magnesium sulfate solution by calcination with magnesium hydroxide. Mg (OH) 2 was precipitated by adding pure ammonia into magnesium solution. The cake was washed to obtain high purity Mg (OH) 2 and then dried and calcined to produce high purity MgO.

The calcined bitter earth powder is separated by water, and then precipitated into magnesium mud after removing impurities. Then magnesium hydroxide is dehydrated to form magnesium oxide by digestion, drying and calcination. Its MgO+H2O to Mg (OH) 2Mg (OH) 2 to MgO+H2O;

Calcination method: Magnesium oxide is prepared by calcining magnesite in a calciner at 950 C, then cooling, sieving and crushing.

In the soda ash process, bittern was diluted to about 20 B_ E and added to the reactor. The soda solution about 20 B_ e was slowly added to the reactor under stirring, and then reacted at about 55 C to form heavy magnesium carbonate. After rinsing and centrifugal separation, the bittern was roasted at 700 900 C. The light magnesium oxide was prepared by crushing and air separation. Its 5Na2C03+5MgC12+6H2O→4MgCO3·

  Carbonation method: Dolomite is calcined, digested and carbonized to obtain basic magnesium carbonate, and then through thermal decomposition, calcination, grinding, air separation, light magnesium oxide is obtained. hisMgCO3·CaCO3→MgO+CaO+2CO2↑
  Mg(OH)2·5H2O→5MgO+4CO2↑+6H2OAfter removing impurities from mother liquor (magnesium ion content is about 50g/L) after salt making from seawater, ammonium bicarbonate and mother liquor are mixed in proper proportion for precipitation reaction. After centrifugal dehydration, drying, calcination, grinding, grading and packaging, the light magnesium oxide product is obtained. his5MgC12+10NH4HCO3+H2O→4MgCO3·
  Carbonation: Active magnesium oxide can be prepared by calcination, water digestion, carbonation, calcination and grinding of dolomite or magnesite. Brine dolomite lime method uses sea water or brine as raw material to precipitate with lime or dolomite. The obtained magnesium hydroxide precipitation is filtered, dried and calcined to produce active magnesium oxide. The magnesia powder sulfuric acid ammonium bicarbonate method is used to react with sulfuric acid and magnesium containing raw materials to form Magnesium Sulfate solution.MgO+H2SO4→MgSO4+H2OThe Magnesium Sulfate solution is reacted with ammonium bicarbonate to form magnesium carbonate precipitation.MgSO4+NH4HCO3+NH3→MgCO3↓+(NH4)2SO4Active Magnesium Oxide was prepared by filtration, separation, washing, drying, calcining and grinding.  

Sintering method: the fused magnesia block is used as raw material. After material selection, crushing, screening, and a certain proportion of liquid titanium dioxide were fully mixed, and then washed, dried and sintered, the size of 40 ~ 150 mesh was screened out, that is, high temperature electrical grade magnesium oxide.

The method of Brine-Ammonium bicarbonate reacts with ammonium bicarbonate to form basic magnesium carbonate, which is then aged, washed, dehydrated, dried and calcined. After crushing, purified and heat treated, the silicon steel grade magnesium oxide is obtained.

The high purity Magnesium Oxide was prepared by electrofusion process.

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate is produced by adding hydrochloric acid to the reactor to produce magnesium chloride hexahydrate. The basic magnesium carbonate is produced by adding sodium carbonate to the reactor. The basic magnesium carbonate is then washed with water and calcined at high temperature. The magnetic magnesium oxide is prepared by grinding the basic magnesium carbonate after cooling. his