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Magnesia manufacturers desulfurization special magnesia powder

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Magnesia manufacturers desulfurization special magnesia powder

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Magnesium oxide manufacturer of desulfurization magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide desulfurization technology is a promising desulfurization technology, which has been applied in many parts of the world. More than 100 projects have been applied in small Japan. In Taiwan, 95% of power station desulfurization is by magnesium oxide method. In addition, it has been well applied in the United States and Germany. Wet method of magnesium oxide, mature desulfurization process, less investment, simple structure. The safety performance can also reduce secondary pollution, and the desulfurizer can be recycled, which reduces the cost of desulfurization and can bring certain economic benefits. Compared with calcium desulphurization, a series of problems existed in simple wet method were avoided, such as pipe blockage, low temperature smoke, water and secondary pollution. In addition, it has a small area of land, low operating costs, a substantial reduction in investment, and a substantial increase in overall economic benefits.

The power station produced by the jiufeng magnesia material plant of daoshiqiao city, the light-burning magnesia for desulfurization of coal-fired boilers, is a kind of magnesia produced by sintering of first-grade magnesite through gas-reflecting kilns, which has the characteristics of high content and details.