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Analysis of the downstream industry of metallurgical lime by magnesia manufacturers 2

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Analysis of the downstream industry of metallurgical lime by magnesia manufacturers 2

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The annual production capacity of crude steel in China was 718 million tons in 2009, 800 million tons in 2010 and 863 million tons in 2011, and it is estimated that the annual production capacity in 2012 is close to or more than 900 million tons. From January to November 2012, the investment in ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry exceeded 450 billion yuan, and it is estimated that more than 50 million tons of production capacity will be formed. In 2012, more than 10 blast furnaces were put into operation in tangshan and handan in hebei alone, with an additional capacity of more than 20 million tons. International market digestion capacity is limited. World steel consumption is forecast to rise 2.1 per cent this year and 3.2 per cent next year, down from 6.2 per cent in 2011, according to the world iron and steel association (WSA). From January to October 2012, world crude steel production except for the Chinese mainland decreased by 0.5% year-on-year. Under the situation of global overcapacity, it is bound to become more difficult to continue to expand export. Domestic demand growth is unlikely to improve significantly. Thanks to the "steady growth" policy, infrastructure investment will increase, the steel market, especially the long material demand, will resume, and the output and consumption will increase slightly. Affected by low demand in the downstream steel industry such as automobile and shipbuilding, the demand for sheet metal is difficult to improve significantly. Meanwhile, the high cost, low growth and low profits of the steel industry are expected to continue next year due to the pressure of rising prices of iron ore and other raw materials, increased competition for product homogeneity and severe overcapacity. Three, market analysis of the situation in 2012 steel industry continued downturn pattern, low profits from the third quarter since 2008, in the short term, the next two quarters of losses will continue to give priority to, and it has high yield, middle and downstream weak demand, make the steel industry rebound elasticity is insufficient, the steel industry is expected as early as possible can to a profit in the second quarter of next year. Annual capacity is likely to exceed 1 billion tonnes in 2012. In the first 10 months of 2012, China produced over 600 million tons of steel, with an average monthly output of 50 million tons and an average daily output of 1.93 million tons. Steel production is expected to reach 720 million tons in 2012, up 2.1 percent from last year. Preliminary statistics of capacity utilization only about 70%. 1. The contradiction between supply and demand has intensified again, and domestic steel mills have reduced output significantly since late August, with the average crude steel output of less than 1.9 million tons for 4 consecutive days, which also provides the foundation of supply level for the rise of steel price in September and October. But the trend of steel mills cutting output came to an abrupt end in October. Output of crude steel per day rebounded 4 per cent to 1.92 million tonnes in early October, before rebounding sharply to 2 million tonnes in mid-october. In October, the PMI of the steel industry also increased by 22.4% to 51.3%, directly indicating that the operation rate of the steel plant increased significantly. In November and December, the downstream of the industry entered the slack season, and the demand may fall to a certain extent, and the supply and demand environment deteriorates again. Expected factors may also tend to weaken, and the risk of falling steel price shock in the future is increasing. 2. The serious overstock of steel mills needs to be pointed out that, in contrast with the destocking of steel, the destocking process of steel mills is still relatively difficult. According to cisa's statistics, the inventory of 76 key large and medium-sized steel enterprises reached 11.04 million tons in mid-october. Despite the influence of the peak season effect, the stock of steel mills was still fluctuating at a high level, down by 11% from the peak in early August. The accumulation of steel plant inventory, the supply level is due to the short duration and insufficient strength of steel mill output. The demand level shows that the steel mill is under great pressure due to the weakness of terminal demand. On the other hand, the actions of traders clearing inventories also affected the intermediate demand of steel mills. The poor operating conditions of the steel plant coupled with high inventories have strained the cash flow of the steel plant, and it is expected that the inventory will be further cleaned up in the future. The stockpiling will also suppress future steel prices. In 2013, the global economic situation remained grim, recovery was sluggish, and the structural adjustment in developed economies was sluggish. Weighed down by the sovereign debt crisis, fiscal stimulus space was compressed, while private sector demand was slow to take over from public demand, and growth momentum was insufficient. In 2013, while developed economies will continue to maintain loose monetary policy, fiscal policy is focused on medium - and long-term consolidation and growth will be below 2 per cent even without a deep crisis. Although the economic growth of emerging economies is better than that of developed countries, the impact of capital flows is increasing due to the international market turmoil and deteriorating export conditions. With the prospect of slowing global demand, yuan appreciation and trade protectionism still prevailing, China's steel exports may not reach the level of 2012 in 2013, and it is estimated that the annual steel exports will remain around 40 million tons. To sum up, China's steel industry will face a slowdown in domestic and foreign demand growth in 2013. Under the guidance of the 12th five-year plan, the iron and steel industry will be gradually promoted in energy conservation and emission reduction, elimination of lagging behind and improvement of steel product quality, and the structural excess of the steel market will be improved. V. industry competition and its significance for metallurgical lime industry the development of metallurgical lime industry is greatly influenced by the downstream industry. With the rapid development of the downstream industry, the demand for metallurgical lime will continue to expand, driving the rapid development of metallurgical lime industry; The development of downstream industry is sluggish, and the demand for metallurgical lime decreases, hindering the development of metallurgical lime industry. As far as the development status of the downstream metallurgical lime industry is concerned, the domestic steel industry has maintained rapid development in recent years, and the competition has gradually intensified. While promoting the increase of bargaining power of metallurgical lime industry, it also aggravates the fluctuation of sales market of metallurgical lime industry. 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