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Liaoning magnesium oxide

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Liaoning magnesium oxide

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The party committee of liaoning magnesia conscientiously carried out the activity of "improving work style and keeping close contact with the masses". Through "five strengthening and five improving", the party committee earnestly improved its work style and strived to expand achievements in benefiting the people and benefiting the people. Strengthen learning education, improve the understanding of ideas. The township party committee conscientiously organizes the party members and cadres at the township and village levels to study the relevant regulations of the central government, provinces, cities and districts on improving the work style and closely contacting the masses, as well as the related conference spirit, in the form of combination of collectivity and self-study. The township party committee and each party branch has formulated the study plan in detail, organizes the party member cadre to study intensively regularly, persisted achieves the personnel, the place, the time three is in place. Through the study, has strengthened the party member cadre theory level, has raised the thought understanding. Strengthen the system construction and improve the sense of responsibility. Township, revision and new learning, meetings, documents and other related work system, improve the style of writing, will winds, makes numerous for brief, strives for realism, avoid "heavy text light" and "wenshan cope" bad style of work, further improve the mechanism of the system, strict procedures, establish accountability mechanism, clear job objectives, clarify working train of thought, practice with the system to promote the work carries out, gradually form a long-term mechanism, village two levels of cadres and improve the responsibility consciousness, strengthen the implementation of the consciousness and self-discipline. We will strengthen the concept of the masses and raise their awareness of service. Township, through visit and for advice advice form, understanding of township hospitals, police station, the hall window service station in services such as mass work style of such outstanding problems as false, style is not straight and universality problems, combining the reality of entire town, held by each party branch organization of life and all stations, head of the symposium and so on, further analysis the root of the problem and the solution to the problem, study and formulate relevant to their work of actual working system, strengthen the masses concept, further improve the service consciousness, achieves truly for the people, pragmatic, honest. Strengthen cadre management and improve work efficiency. The party committee of the township takes the "five-type" organ construction as the starting point, pays attention to the daily education and management, starts from the polite language, civilized manner, economy material and electricity, office order and so on every drop thing, especially strict attendance registration, implement the work attendance system, January 1 bulletin, request achieves "five forbid", that is, forbid to be late and leave early; No playing CARDS or chess or even gambling; No chatting or playing games on the Internet; Do not do anything that is harmful to the government's image, say anything that is harmful to the government's image; Don't gossip or do things unrelated to work. Through the development of these activities, the cadres can truly serve the masses warm and thoughtful, the office clean and tidy, the mental outlook is healthy and upward, the interpersonal relationship is harmonious and harmonious, the work efficiency is improved, and the good image of government agencies and cadres is established. We will strengthen people-centered thinking and improve people's livelihood. To improve the work style lies in close contact with the masses. The township party committee requires party members to take the lead in going deep into their respective contact points, conducting investigation and research, and understanding the actual difficulties and outstanding problems existing among the masses. At the same time, rural cadres at both levels are required to work in villages every Tuesday and Thursday, investigate and understand production and living conditions, social security, rural cleaning and grassroots party building, and grasp practical difficulties and problems existing in farmers' production and living as well as rural economic and social development. And in view of the existing difficulties and problems, we will do practical and good work involving the people's vital interests.

Liaoning magnesium oxide