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The high - tech application of magnesium oxide has what desulphurization technology

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The high - tech application of magnesium oxide has what desulphurization technology

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The high temperature resistant materials and high temperature resistant optical materials used in the aerospace industry are manufactured by high-purity electro-fused magnesium oxide crystals, which have good high temperature resistance and desulfurization technology optical properties. The purification and smelting of uranium, the basic raw material of nuclear industry, are inseparable from magnesium oxide. The purification process of uranium dressing should adjust pH value, and light magnesium oxide is the preferred material. The smelting furnace of uranium is made of high purity electro-fused magnesium oxide crystal with high temperature resistance and thermal stability.

Yingkou HaoDing refractories co., LTD., through the efforts and the domestic famous universities and research institutes, the advantage of the rich spiced salt qinghai salt lake resources, make full use of its advantages in resources and technical advantages, adopts advanced technology at home and abroad at present, the development, developed to adapt to and meet the needs of all kinds of high-end market magnesium oxide series products, ensure the product quality is stable and reliable, greatly improved production efficiency. We should upgrade our magnesia products, get rid of the situation that high-grade magnesia products depend on import, fill in the blank in China, and provide supporting services for the localization of applied materials in high-tech enterprises.

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